Finishing Touches


The staircase is an ornamental centerpiece of your basin, it establishes the path between two of our fundamental elements : Earth and Water.

This delicate item needs to combine aesthetics and practicality; we make sure that you have a fitted and fashionable descent in your pool, we shape the stairway to underwater heaven.

Edges and chutes

In the jargon dictionary of a swimming pool specialist, the edge is a foundation stone forming the ledge of your pool. It is bordered by the chute, a channel of variable size allowing the overflow of water.

We focus much of our efforts into finishing the curbs and curves which will contribute significantly to the horizon effect of a mirror or an infinity pools.

Pool Covers

Covers are used to protect the surface or your pool while roofing it. Their purpose relies essentially in saving heating energy, protecting against dust and filth and reducing the consumption of water treatment product.

We encourage buried winding systems to preserve the discretion and class of your coverage.


We certainly talk of pools a lot. However, we are equally skilled in the making of exceptional gardens. By now you must know how important the surroundings are to the implementation of a basin, we design spaces based on the shape and location of your waters, seeking out the best of what your landscape has to offer.

Gardens aren’t that different to pools, they simply ask to be left in the hands of experts.