Hydrotherapy and thermal basins

Thermal Bath Resort of Val d’Illiez

The Val d’Illiez Resort offers its clientele the unique opportunity to recharge their batteries in high-end therapeutic basins. The therman centre includes :

A 34° indoor pool with a central jacuzzi and aquabed

A 34° outdoor pool with aquabed

A 35° giant jacuzzi

A 100% natural thermal river (temperatures between 18° and 28°)

A sauna

A hammam

A tylarium

Thermal Center Yverdon-les-Bains

We equipped Yverdon-Les-Bains' thermal spa with 28° indoor pool, two 34° outdoor pools, buble baths and massage springs.

Rehabilitation Pools La Lignière

The La Lignière pool is fully adapted to muscular reinforcement and cardiovascular exercices. Counting a total of five massage nozzles as well as a pressure shower for neck and shoulder massage, its water is permanently heated at 30°. 

Rehabilitation Pools Les Eglantines

The Églantines Foundation offers a rehabilitation pool allowing people with multiple disabilities to develop their autonomy.

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