Ornamental Pools

The ornamental pool is not merely the insignia of a landscape; it is in fact the landscape itself.

At Clensol, water movement, may it be calm or agitated, has only one primary function, which is to blend with its environment. Thus, with every basin, Clensol strives to unify the movement of the waters with its environment.

In keeping with the vast expression of water, we offer a great variety of water areas and guarantee an individual originality proper to each and every one of them.

Our duty is to compose the water's lyrics by making your dream aspirations come true.

Ornamental Basins

Skills quantify a company's quality, a slogan defines it's spirit, a water basin affixes its signature. 

Each and every ornamental basin convey a specific emotion. If you look close, you may perceive joy in water springs, wealth in overflow and eco-friendliness in flora. 

Clensol sketches your desires and materializes your visions by brightening up urbanism with an elegant ornamental basin.


A symbol of perpetual rejuvenation, the embodiment of purification, fountains have always been an allegory for regeneration. In the older days, the Master hydrant man took charge of their preservation, he saw to their mechanical and hydraulic maintenance. 

Sadly, this profession has now disappeared  though we like to believe we are a worthy heir. Clensol coddles and nurses your fountains as if they were the very source of your youth. 

Water Tables

A majestic decoration piece, combining noble materials with timeless designs. 

Water flows on a stone surface and consecutively falls on its sides, be they sharp or rounded. 

At the zenith of design, the water table is a rare aquatic ornament suited for both public areas and private spaces.

Water Walls

The light trickle of water streams slowly towards the top of the glass wall, prepared to confront its inevitable vertical drop. Then comes the fall, water rushes down in empty space, caressing the icy facade, finishing its course swallowed by the chute and sent straight back to the top, in an endless circle. 

And to you, it shall be nothing but soothing. Let yourself get carried away by Zen.

Artificial Rivers

A long time ago, human beings used to go to the countryside to seek peace and calmness. They would sit down, with their picnic baskets, and relax alongside a narrow river... Unfortunately, nowadays there is no time left for such escapades. So why bother with a trip when you could sit back and unwind by your own river, in your own garden ?

An artificial river delicately decorates your landscape. You will find yourself being surprisingly lulled by the numbing sound of the water flowing.

An diluvian torrent ? A limpid tributary ? A fluid waterfall ? We are the architects of such spaces.

Water jets and water game

Why is it only Geneva gets to have a Jet d'Eau?

Let water gush as a geyser, as an iridescent rainbow in the center of your water area. And if you aren't satisfied with just one water shoot, then why not add a few ? Positioned more or less vertically, in the shape of a bell or a twirling pirouette. There are countless creative possibilities to determine, to your convenience, the aspect of your water columns.

We also install water games to fill the memory book in which your children write every day. Wether they wish to be Smurfs under an overflowing mushroom or knights fighting a water-spitting Leviathan, don't make them wait any longer. They long for it and so do we.

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