Swimming pools, an ancient craftsmanship.

The Hindus had them made for mystical purposes. The Greeks built them for athletic training, the Romans for military exercise and the British, merely to be entertained. 

At Clensol, we don't just build pools, we give them life.

Outdoor Infinity Pools

Arts are changing. Whether painting or sculpting, music or poetry, each take a step back while the father of all Arts, architecture, takes one forward, shifting into landscape design. 

Ideally suited to blend with its surroundings, the infinity edge pool is true handcrafted voluptuousness. Water expands and flows over up to three borders of the pool, providing a unique visual effect that your basin extends to "infinity". And with the appropriate tiling, we can enliven the color of your water with several different shades of blue. 

The evolution of our living habits is in motion, what you thought until now was just a pool may well end up opening you the doors to the horizon.

Outdoor Mirror Pools

A piece of unprecedented class. Water's supreme achievement. Like a lifelong childhood dream fulfilled in adulthood. 

Dive and let the stream graciously flow over all four edges of your pool. You shall recover your life force while silently bathing in your water cocoon. 

From conception to expertise, we will use of our knowledge and experience to seek out the best of what your land has to offer. Our aim is to create a unique harmony between your pool and its surroundings in order to celebrate the union of water and environment.

We don't  regard pools as solely being bodies of water, we believe they should be the sky's reflection. 


Public Indoor Pools

Public indoor pools are a safe bet if your wish is to attract tourists both summer and wintertime.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your indoor pool, our primary focus being to combine physical activity and leisure. Whether you want a large bay window to contemplate the surrounding landscape or a built-in beach area to relax after the swin, we are strong and experienced at incorporating beauty to pleasure. 

By choosing Clensol, you are taking sides with dream-makers. 

Public Outdoor Pools

A venue for sports, social and cultural interaction. If you wish to develop a guaranteed recreational business, Clensol offers you quintessential custom-built leisure. 

Rectangular, round or square shape; straight or curvy lines; contemporary or traditional design; from a technical point of view, anything is possible.

Just tell us your dream, we'll do the rest. 

Baby Pools/Children's Basins

Do you remember your first swim? The imaginary shark threatening to eat you alive at all times if you dared falling from your inflatable boat ?

Enlighten children's faces offering them limitless entertainment. To you, it might just be a low depth basin; to them, it's a bottomless ocean. 

Remember that initiating children to swim at an early age is crucial, Clensol offers to build basins for children of all ages and heights. 

Indoor Pools

Why should pools only be a summer activity ? Your passion is to swim all year round ? Ours is to make it happen.

Take a dip while it's pouring outside; dive during a snow storm.

Increase muscle tone, control your weight, have a healthy heart and lower stress, there is nothing better then a daily swim to stay in shape.

Outdoor Skimmer Pools

Closely resembling an old-fashioned basin, the skimmer pool is a true garden jewel. Encircled by a paved sundeck or a low stone wall, there is somewhat of a senior quality to these pools. 

Water is maintained at ground-level and kept clean thanks to a smart filtration system which allows the elimination of waste by skimming off the surface and keeping away impurities like insects and dead leaves.

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