Any installation is subject to technical constraints, it is absolutely necessary to make cleaning revisions and to monitor the products of water treatment. We offer suited subscriptions with scheduled visits of engineers and delivery men to maintain an optimal hygiene of water facilities.

Also, we take the responsibility of safely ensuring the winter hibernation of your system in order to make significant energy savings. For a regular outdoor pool, we recommend a subscription service every 15 days. For an indoor pool, we recommend a subscription once a month.

Your installation requires specific chemicals, it is essential not to use any replacement products. That is why we offer home delivery of products adapted to your waters.  We naturally offer the regular chlorine and hydrochloric acid as well as our homemade products.

Our delivery men bring to your convenience the number of product cans your ordered. You can either choose to manage these products yourself (after training) or leave it to the hands of our experienced engineers.

Equipment rooms

Most frequently built underground, the equipment room contains all the technical equipment necessary for the proper functioning of your pool. It contains the filter unit, the control panel and all the maintenance equipment of your pool.


The filter is designed to retain particles in suspension and impurities of water.  During this process, the water is filtered through porous materials (coal, sand or diatoms) and purified by the backward flow of water.

The proper and adequate filtration depend on several parameters such as the type of basin, the frequency of swimming and the space offered in equipment rooms. We install three types of filters: the diatomaceous filter, the sand filter and the active coal filter. We generally recommend diatomaceous filtration since it has the significant advantages of high standard quality, size and reduced water consumption. The sand filters and active coal filters are less costly but considerably bigger, they ask for more care and attendance (prevention of clogging, complete cleaning…).

Pumping and products

There are many different types of pumps ensuring the proper functioning of your pool. Among them, we find circulating pumps which, as their name suggests, allow the circulation of pool water, booster pumps which ensures the flow of water, backward tide swimming pumps, neutralizing dosage pumps and many more.

Same goes for products as only a rich cocktail of chemicals can provide clarity and cleanliness to your waters. We offer guaranteed homemade products in order to control the pH of water and permanent disinfection of your pool.

Control panels

The control panel is designed to manage electricity and regulations of the water treatment. Placed in the equipment room, this steel cabinet contains all the electrical equipment needed to control various functions such as chlorine measurement, breakdown alerts, water heating and the washing of filters.

Product control is set on the right window of the panel while the left window is dedicated to motor controls such as heating or lighting.

Technical diagrams