Any installation is subject to technical constraints, it is absolutely necessary to make cleaning revisions and to monitor the products of water treatment. We offer suited subscriptions with scheduled visits of engineers and delivery men to maintain an optimal hygiene of water facilities.

Equipment rooms

Most frequently built underground, the equipment room contains all the technical equipment necessary for the proper functioning of your pool.


The filter is designed to retain particles in suspension and impurities of water. During this process, the water is filtered through porous materials (coal, sand or diatoms) and purified by the backward flow of water.

We install three types of filters: the diatomaceous filter, the sand filter and the active coal filter.

Pumping and products

We offer a wide range of pumps and products, serving different purposes. Your technical facilities require a rich cocktail of chemical products to ensure clarity and cleanliness of water. To guarantee the efficiency and safety features of our chemical products, we mix and make most of them ourselves.

Control panels

The control panel is designed to manage electricity and regulations of the water treatment. Placed in the equipment room, this steel cabinet contains all the electrical equipment needed to control various functions such as chlorine measurement, breakdown alerts, water heating and the washing of filters.

Technical diagrams