Our Team

Founded in 1935, Clensol has built over time a unique reputation in the treatment of water and the realization of exceptional works. Our team is composed of specialists from both technical and aesthetics fields providing rare skills in each domain. As prime contractors, we work closely with owners always keeping in mind our number one goal; bringing to life your dreamed aspirations.

Our services include design, development, construction and further maintenance of any project related to water and its applications. From sketches to implementation, we work in beauty and recreational waters (ornamental basins, swimming pools, artificial rivers, water walls, fountains, hotel facilities and sports), as well as in well-being and issues of public health (rehabilitation pools, spas, hospitals, softened and drinking water). Our experience in private and public facilities is a guarantee of success for your project.

We are the architects of water supplies, manufacturers of a cultural legacy and heirs of a long lost mastery of professionalism and devotion. Your requirement allows us to attain incomparable projects.

Don’t wait; learn to live with, in and around your waters.