Recipe to a good swimming pool

Here is what you will need to make a good swimming pool....

For an 84 m3 swimming pool


200 m3 earthworks, equivalent to 200’000 liters or 300 tons
11 m3 gravel, equivalent to 11'000 liters or 17 tons
Approximately 45 m3 concrete, equivalent to 45’000 liters or 112 tons
72 m3 embankment, equivalent to 72'000 liters or 110 tons
5000 kg of steel, equivalent to 5 tons
150 m² formwork (concrete molds), equivalent to 3.25 tons
1.5 tons of edges

Total          548.75 tons of material



To our 548.75 tons, add 150m of pipes, 200m of electric cables. That brings us to 5500 wheelbarrows. If we consider a wheelbarrow takes five minutes from the truck to the pool in construction, that leads us to 27’500 minutes, the equivalent of 480 hours of transport. The total sum of work is of  : 

2500 to 3000 hours

And to think that some people rather invest in a plastic pool kit !


World’s biggest swimming pool

For those of you who have been to Chile, perhaps you'll have stopped by San Alfonso del Mar where lies the world's biggest swimming pool.

62 miles long, covering an area of 19 acres for a maximum depth of 115 feet, this swimming pool contains 250'000'000 l of pumped and filtered Pacific Ocean water.

Tom Daley's dream come true !

World’s deepest swimming pool

Size does matter, so does depth. Take a look at the world’s deepest swimming pool.

NEMO 33, named after the famous Captain of the Nautilus, is filled with 2500 m3 of spring water and sinks down 35 meters deep. 

This wonder of architecture, located in the vicinity of Brussels, was initially intended for pro divers but is now also used for scientific purposes.