Since 1935


As craftsmen of water's distribution, we manufacture a cultural legacy and embrace the heritage of an ancient mastery.

Holistic approach:

  • Conception
  • Execution
  • Maintenance
  • Expertise
  • Sanitation

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Our business remains on a human scale though we have acquired a rare proficiency in undertaking monumental projects. The homogeneous quality of our works and our Customer Care form a significant part of our philosophy.


Each of our works reflects a holistic know-how of the various processes of water treatment. Our high-quality Swiss workmanship guarantees to meet the exacting needs of our clientele.


A great many professions participate in the development of a project. The diversity of major players involved grants us an overall understanding of each step of the execution process, from conception to completion.


We are at the cutting edge of new trends and technological progress, undertaking all necessary measures to ensure the operations are properly carried out, right down to the smallest detail.

Swimming pools and basins

Benefiting from an extensive experience in water treatment, we design all types of swimming pools blending technical requirements to aesthetic refinement.

  • Mirror pools
  • Infinity pools
  • Indoor pools
  • Municipal pool
  • Hotel and Olympic pools
  • Skimmer pools
  • Bubble baths
  • Paddling pools

Decorative basins

We create bustling and characterful basins in both public and private spaces.

  • Fountains
  • Water tables
  • Water walls
  • Artificial rivers
  • Jet sprays
  • Water games


We leverage our know-how and expertise to promote well-being, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy.

  • Wellness Centers
  • Hydrotherapy pools
  • Rehabilitation pools
  • Thermal pools

Special applications

We are experts in homeopathic dosing, managing natural resources in the best possible ways available today.

  • Water softeners
  • Drinking water
  • Osmosis
  • Homogenisation
  • Neutralisation
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sewage treatment plants