Technical installations

A basin's physiology

Without the indispensable contribution of engineering, water treatment would be nothing but an inexact science. The backstages of water should be treated just as carefully as the front stage.

Any installation is subject to technical constraints, hence the absolute necessity for revisions and monitoring of water treatment products.

We offer customised subscriptions with scheduled visits of engineers and delivery men to maintain water facilities under the best conditions of hygiene.


How it works : filtration (fr)

How it works : sand filtration (fr)

Private pool's sand filter (fr)

Public pool's sand filter (fr)

Revising a sand filter (fr)

How it works : diatomaceous filter (fr)

Diatomaceous filter (fr)

How it works : active charcoal filter (fr)

Active charcoal filter (fr)

Cathodic protection (fr)

Centrifugal pump (fr)

Revision of a pump (fr)